It’s in our nature to want to protect what matters to us. Whether it be our families, homes, or even our cars. In the case of the physical items that we own, we want to ensure that the pleasure we receive from owning them will last us for years to come.

Just like cars and houses, it’s important to look after these treasured items, something that Superstars Framing & Memorabilia has plenty of experience in doing. If you’re looking for professional framing in Perth, then you’ve found it with us.

What’s on offer?

Our highly experienced team can provide you with a range of custom frames to suit your needs. We specialise in:

  • Object framing
  • Art framing
  • Canvas framing
  • Painting framing

This means that we can help you keep that signed soccer shirt in mint condition and protect that pair of boxing gloves from dirt. In fact, we can frame most sports items that you may have.

We have a range of memorabilia frames that will enrich and preserve your sentimental pieces. These include timber, ornate, modern, and box frames. We offer our clients so much more than just sports memorabilia framing services. Our well-equipped workshop and fantastic team will also make sure that your collectables are safe and secure.

In addition to providing football jersey frames, we can also protect posters, photos, and movies props. We can even ensure that your limited-edition LP doesn’t get damaged. Perhaps you’ve spent hours building a scale model of the Sydney Opera House, we can make sure that no harm comes to it.

Our custom framing extends to preserving your certificates, instruments, and even baby clothing. As expert picture framers, will make sure that those moments captured in time will be protected enough to last you a lifetime.

Sometimes, it’s not even about the cost of these collectables and memorabilia. It’s more about the memories that they bring back or the joy that you felt when you first held it in your hands. You can’t put a price on these feelings, but you can make sure that these items are looked after properly and protected against the environment and any accidents.

Our highly-skilled team understands this, which is why they discuss your needs and expectations beforehand. They then make sure that your prized possessions are handled with care during the framing process before presenting you with the beautiful end result.

Reach Out

Whether you require jersey framing or need to keep any other collectable items intact and preserved, we’ll be there to complete the job efficiently, reliably, and professionally. Finding an ideal gift for a collector or keeping your items safe has never been easier than with Superstars Framing & Memorabilia.

This is exactly why we remain the preferred choice for individuals, corporate clients, and sporting organisations across Western Australia. Have a look at our custom frames online, or simply give us a call to discuss your framing requirements. Our helpful team is on hand to answer any questions you may have while providing you with the highest level of customer service.

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